About me

  About me parts were always my worst nightmare. Even though I have many hobbies, interests and passions in life, talking about myself is not one of them. I prefer my work to do that for me. 
  I was born on one cold, November Wednesday some time ago, in Rijeka, Croatia and that city by the sea is still my home. Like a girl in Type O Negative's song like a bird I flew away to chase my dreams of books and praise. Well, not so much of praise but my passion for books certainly was the thing that drew me to libraries and made me move to Zagreb, Croatia's capital where my education for librarian and museum and heritage management was done. That's when I realized I prefer sea over land. 
  For me, every book is like a journey and every author is like a guide, showing his perspective. But what will we take with us (if anything) it's up to us. 
  Bookworn can be considered as a map of the journey from my perspective, you can take me for your guide, or let characters and their choices guide you. Either way, I hope you'll have at least half the fun reading this as I had travelling on my own and then writing down this lines for you. 
  The blog has been found in August 2013. and its main goal is to combine literature and fashion, as both of them are great arts and, if used properly, can make your life so much more fun. 

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