Friday, 30 August 2013

Literary corner of virtual universe

  Do you enjoy reading? Does the smell of a brand new book provoke something special in you or did you switch from thumbing through the pages to scrolling the screens of your e-readers, tablets or smartphones, small enough to fit any purse but still large enough to hold all of your favourite books and stories? Whatever the answer to the above question is, I'll assume that you read a lot, that you read often and that reading gives you nothing but pleasure.

  As much as you enjoy reading, I'm sure you find certain pleasure in window shopping as well...standing infront of beautifully decorated shopwindow, daydreaming about all of the possible outfits you could make from those items. But, did it ever cross your mind what would your favourite novel character wear?

  I have to admit it crossed mine more then once. Even though I am fashion lover, still I'm not brave enough to wear different styles or to try out something new every now and then, so I often used my imagination to dress my favourite characters in those styles, based on characteristics given in the book but also based on my idea of what they were and what they represented.

  And that is how Bookworn has been born, literary corner of virtual universe where the main question is not "what I wore today" but "what would they wear" and, by answering that question, through fashion and life stories of its characters, you would get a closer and deeper look on the novel itself. I will always try to provide you with interesting facts and details to evoke the story as authentically as possible and with hope that it will encourage you to read a novel, or if you already read it, to enter discussion.

  It is often said that one can not judge the man by his clothes and, moreover, to never judge a book by its cover but it somehow feels like we can't escape our, mostly visual, nature after all.

  How do you feel about this idea? Do you like it, would you like to read about something like that, share your opinions and, maybe in time, even suggest the titles you'd like to find here? Every feedback from your side is extremely important to me, I'm looking forward to every comment and, 'till next time and posting the first story, I wish you good reading :)